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J L Arnold author of APOCalypse 2500 tabletop RPG

APOCalypse 2500

The author
At SCA, Maypole 2016

APOCalypse 2500 Role-playing game

APOCalypse 2500 Post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy tabletop role-playing game.

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J. L. Arnold is the author of a series of books that make up the post apocalyptic tabletop RPG game APOCalypse 2500

John was raised on classic sci-fi like Star Trek, radioactive monsters, and giant insects. The days of the vacuum tube powered space ships and aliens living on Mars was the birthing ground for his imagination. He remembers when the first true RPG's came out in the mid 1970's, a time before video games or the PC. This new fantasy world of wizards and knights in armor further stimulated his imagination as he spent hours not only playing but creating adventures, monsters, and magical treasures. In later years he found he could live out even more of his fantasies as he discovered the world of historical reenactment; he learned to act and the ancient arts of sword play, armor making, siege craft.

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What makes good fiction?

"I have always held to the belief that the best fantasy or science fictional stories have factual roots. I think, if you're going to write about futuristic space ships, for instance, a basic understanding of how the real ones work helps one postulate towards the future. Fans are more sophisticated in the 21st century and therefore need a little real science with their fiction. Pure fantasy, like dragons and wizards, you can have a little more flexibility with; but here too some knowledge about medieval history helps you put things in context where setting and dialogue are concerned."

What's my favorite genre?

"That's a good question; which all depends on my mood. I tend to go back and forth between science fiction and fantasy. I tend to write more sci-fi these days but it always contains an element of the supernatural. I just can't seem to totally separate my head from the romantic realm of dragons and wizards."

Where am I from?

"Currently the Pacific north west, I am originally from central California where I bounced from suburb to suburb for most of my life. In 2004 I moved to rural Washington where the countryside and cooler climate is more to my liking."

What else do I like to do?

I participate in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) & Renaissance festivals; where one is likely to find me, tankard in hand sword girded about, on me way to some ruckus or another. At these events I go by the name John Blackburn, sometimes Sir John but most often just Blackburn, a rogue and scoundrel of some small renown, in the company of House Id, in the shire of Druim Doineann.

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