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Is "branding" important?

Establishing a brand name and company image isn't just for large corporations like Pepsi ® or Coke ®; both of which evoke images of their brand identity as soon as people hear or read the name. It is important to establish imagery in peoples mind as a way to cause them to recall specific products and service providers when a need arises. It is very much a psychological game. You want people to recall the name and image of product X or service provider Y when they develop a related need or desire in life. This is done through a combination of unique imagery, a product or company logo, and consistent brand representation in advertising, web presence, and physical packaging. Even smaller companies and sole proprietorships need branding as a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. If you are selling a product or a service you need to be unique and memorable. A custom designed logo and matching business cards and website, not only tells people what you do but also establishes a unique identity that they will remember.

About me

My name is John L Arnold (J L Arnold) and I have had many professions, but only one true passion; to use my creative imagination in a meaningful way. I began doing so in my spare time back in 2007 when I began writing and self publishing a tabletop role-playing game called

APOCalypse 2500™

This required mastery of web design, ad design, and graphics arts as well as honing my writing skills; when one is the creator and publisher you do it all. 11 years into it and I have well developed skills as a writer, web designer, and graphics artis.

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