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SCA Shire of Druim Doineann


The beginning of Saturday night festivities at the Sudden Death Tavern Maypole 2018


Thrown weapons competition Maypole 2018


Jeff and Kevin head to head in a rapier duel Maypole 2018

Welcome to the beautiful Shire of Druim Doineann (pronounced - droom doy-nee-ann) in the magnificent Kingdom of An Tir. We are located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington covering the counties of Clallam and Jefferson. The populace participate with:

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc
Come play with us where the mountains greet the sea!

Local Activities within the Shire

All Hallows Eve
Masquerade Ball 2018

This will be the third annual All Hallows Eve Masquerade Ball. This is the Shire Of Druim Doineann's SCA members only event. This is a costumed camping event culminating in the Saturday Night festivities.

Event staff:
Karl Ayres

Guy in charge: John Blackburn title it Halloween 2018


Location 176 Chamber Rd Port Angeles WA 98362. This is a private property site. Site hours are 10 AM Friday Oct 26th (set up) till 2:00 PM Sunday Oct 28th (off site time). Gate: Open 10AM Fri. & Sat. Weekend attendance fee $10, (Saturday only $5) per person, +$5 for non-members (weekend membership), 12 and under free. There will be archery and thrown weapons. A small list field will be set up adhering to no particular schedule. Fighters who show up and want to compete will have a place to do so. The Saturday Night Masquerade ball is a costumed event in fanciful style of the period, such as fantasy, mythological, or macabre, in keeping with general SCA themes.

Limited Dry RV camping available
by reservation only...
RV Reservation Deadline Friday OCT 19 2018 Contact Karl Ayres

This site is smaller than many, so camping will be communal as we can't accommodate large individual household encampments. Officially the areas north of yellow house and within 50 ft of either house or yellow garage are not part of the event and are the private space of the land owner. The event space is primarily south of the pond and the field west of the garage. IN AN EFFORT TO MANAGE THE LIMITED SPACE AND REDCE SITE VEHICLE TRAFFIC WE ARE ASKING FOR A HEADCOUNT OF THOSE WHO INTEND TO CAMP THE EVENT. PLEASE LET US KNOW via the Druim Doineann Facebook chat group or E-mail Karl Ayres..

Winter is upon us and the schedule for practices etc, is undergoing revision at this time. Stay tuned for more info...

Updated Sep. 28 2018

Member Resources

Links to documents and other SCA related web pages for the convenience of members of the shire or those who may wish to join the SCA. What is a shire member... Well loosely stated anyone who lives within our shire and plays with the SCA regularly. You can chose to join the society (pay dues and get a card) or you can just come hang out for a while still go to events and participate in quite a bit, before you decide to join the society. Society membership gives you greater access and opens up many more possibilities.

Society for Creative Anachronism inc. (SCA)Home page. This is the place for all official SCA info and a good place for new comers to find out more about the society "from the horse's mouth," as it were.

Business meeting minutes Published by the Shire of Druim Doineann

SCA Membership page Obtain or renew your SCA membership.

The Kingdom of An Tir An Tir is the Kingdom the Shire of Druim Doineann is in.

Druim Doineann FaceBook group Druim Doineann official FaceBook Chat Group Dragon's lair our neighboring barony in An Tir

Official forms for use in officer reporting, event scheduling, and other officil kingdom communication.

The Royalty of An TirThe King, the Queen, and the rest of the royals of the kingdom

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