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What is a tabletop rpg game

1970's computer mainframe

Back in the days when only Cpt. Kirk and NASA had computers, Role-Playing Games were played very differently from the way most experience them in the internet / video game age. In their original format Role-Playing Games (RPG) were the purview of the kitchen table and the local hobby shop; set in a fantasy universe in which the monsters and heroes found their courage flowing from uniquely numbered dice and the pages of a book. The first widely known RPG, released in the 1970's, was restricted to a magical fantasy medieval world. Today the genre encompasses a wide variety of games in an endless number of settings all referred to as "Tabletop RPG," as a way to differentiate those played with books and dice from their modern video game counterpart. APOCalypse 2500 is a tabletop RPG in which the participants assume roles as sci-fi or magical fantasy characters in a post-apocalyptic scenario that takes place on earth, in the distant future.

Game Setup

APOCalypse 2500 role-playing game main rule bookThe basic setup of this tabletop RPG can best be described by breaking down the different game elements. The first is the "game universe," which is a unique fantasy time period governed by specific fantasy realities. The second is "game mechanics" which refers to the system of rules and die rolls used to determine player action, character creation, and physical manifestation. The game universe and game mechanics are detailed in the APOCalypse 2500
Main Rule Book. The third is the Adventure Scenario which is a supplement to rule books and contains the adventure details such as back story, maps, and lists of hazards and treasures, characters, and goals relative to its unique situations within the fantasy universe. The Main Rule book contains all rules and instructional information necessary to play this RPG; also includes a beginner adventure scenario.

The Players

depiction of a female player character and her unicorn in the tabletop RPG APOCalypse 2500Adventure is the name of the game as players in this tabletop RPG, in the part of their fantasy characters, quest for wealth and magical treasure while overcoming fantastical perils in this combined science fiction medieval fantasy world. Guided by the game master (GM), the players take on different fantasy personas based on possibilities presented by the game universe. Utilizing the game rules and dice, players create a "Player Character"(PC) then equip them in preparation for upcoming adventures; which they are then led through as a narrative guided by the Game Master. The goal of the player in any RPG is to advance their character in ability and wealth through the undertaking of hazardous quests. The same PC will have many adventures within the same role-playing game universe becoming more able to face greater challenges for greater reward as time goes by.

The Game Master GM

APOCalypse 2500, like other Tabletop RPG games, is run by a moderator called a Game Master (GM) who is the administrator of game rules and story teller. The GM's role is to use rule and reference books and scenario texts to lead a player group (Recommended 2-6) on an adventure while maintaining the fantasy realities of the game universe. Although GM's take on the roles of monsters that may attack players it is not the GM's overall role to be player adversary. The Game Master is rules moderator, story teller, bit player, and game referee.

As to the different roles, many people who play these types of games will be both, player and GM. GM's will often be invited to play as a player and many experienced players will also host games as GM's. However some people find they prefer one or the other as some prefer to host while others prefer to stick with playing. There is really no right or wrong way to think of these roles if you understand that you are not restricted to one simply because you have never been the other.

What do I need to get started

Game Masters (GM's) will need a set of books to host and run games.

Players will usually utilize the Game Masters books but could benifit from their own copy of the main rule book

Both Players and GM's will need dice a standard seven piece set including 1 of each: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D% (D100) will do, however, more dice is always better.

Recommended book for players
Required for GM's

Main Rule Book
This book contains all rules for game play and character creation and is the core of the APOCalypse 2500 game mechanics system. This book is required for character creation, basic rules of play, and understanding the game universe.

Just for the GM

GM's Campaign Guide & Bestiary This GM's Campaign Guide & Bestiary contains essential tools for the game master, from reference tables to monsters. The game master's tools provide game mechanics quick reference, optional applications, and random generation of game elements such as weather, moon phase, and storm severity for adventures on paper or on the fly. The various NPC's, locations, and monsters are complete with full stats, in easy to read table format for instant game use. Many new possibilities for player characters, both species and vocation, are added and fully annotated in the bestiary section for easy use in character creation.

Recommended for GM's

Magic & Techno-Sorcery
APOCalypse 2500 Magic & Techno-Sorcery is the first volume of magic and techno-magic designed for the game Universe of APOCalypse 2500. This second edition, covers the theory and practice of magic in the game universe in more detail and contains theory spells devices potions weapons vehicles and rules augmentation.

Additional reference books, playing aids, and adventure scenarios are available from

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